Massage, Movement, and Mindfulness


 Live your life at your fullest potential. Confident, effective depth of treatment is explored while keeping you calm and aware — this is where healing happens.


Focus on the mind-body connection

My approach to massage therapy focuses on the mind-body connection and the importance of the nervous system when it comes to unpleasant experience in the body. I strive to set up a healthy clinical environment and a beginning-to-end process that makes you feel comfortable and taken care of.

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"Awareness in and of itself is curative" - Fritz Perls

I'll help you to pay attention and become aware of what your pain may be communicating to you by providing education on pain and pain science. A lot of relief can occur simply through awareness.


A whole person approach

With a strong network of high-level physiotherapists and other specialists across the North Shore, you don’t have to worry about investing time searching or testing them all out. You can be confident in trusting them to help further your recovery and growth.


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